Oude Westen

Social Project | Campaign

Oude Westen is a neighbourhood in Rotterdam with multi-cultural inhabitants. Field research in the area led to an observation that there is a lack of social cohesion amongst residents.


A collaboration with an activist group (Aktie Groep) in the area

was instrumental in understanding the social dynamic and resulted in creating flyers for existing initiatives. The existing initiatives are aimed at building a community but are fairly unknown to the residents. As an intervention, we reframed the existing initiatives through flyers to spread awareness.

Team: Manasa Krishnan & Maya Bloem


A picture of a cafe in the neighbourhood 


The flyers highlight various initiatives such as buying a share in the solar panel to generate your own electricity, a shop based on the system of barter, an organisation to help residents in finding new home etc. 

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 2.11.09 AM.png


Current website of the Aktie Groep with the initiatives listed under various sub-categories.

Rebuilding the visual language for the existing website of the Aktie Groep to make it more accessible and engaging.


Project done at Willem de Kooning Academy under the guidance of Boo van der List & Maurice Specht.