Baku's Rag Book

Print | Publication

Baku's Rag Book is a publication made out of discarded fabrics. It is interwoven with stories of workers from the infamous cotton mills of Ahmedabad. It brings to limelight the untold stories from the glorious mill days while promoting fruitful use of textile waste.


50 copies of this book were screen printed, with each book being unique as it has different pieces of rag fabric.

Multiple screens were made corresponding to each page of the book. It was further printed on rag fabric that was cut to size and ironed. While the text was printed in black, the illustration was printed using another colour.

The book has a french fold bind to enhance the thickness of a single page and to prevent the cloth from having frayed edges.

Project done during Open Elective 2018 at NID Ahmedabad under the guidance of Lokesh Ghai.